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How to use Followrio?

video and tutorial about Followrio

How to start followrio?

How to Unfollow users?

Install followrio

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Here is Frequently Asked Questions. Do not hesitate contacting us if you have any questions

How does follow work?

Targeting desired community starts with selecting related pages and hashtags on Instagram. Having these selected pages, you should navigate into each of them on Instagram and add them to follow queue using buttons on the page. On profiles, you have two options:
1- collect users currently following the page
2- collect users who have liked posts published by the page
All user collections will be done in the background automatically without any interactions required by you after adding them into queue. Enjoy it ;)

How does Unfollower work?

First, you have to tell Followrio to scan your currently following users. Then, by turning on the button on Unfollow section, Followrio will start unfollowing users in the background. We suggest waiting for 3 days before starting unfollow process in order to get better results but you can also set this option under unfollow settings .

How to log in to the extension?

Followrio licensing and login is based on Instagram. In order to log in to the extension you just need to open an Instagram tab and log in to your Instagram account, the extension automatically detects the logged in user and restores the license.

How do I use hashtags?

Selecting hashtag is through Instagram page . Go to Instagram page, search for desired hashtag click on “collect media likes” under Followrio logo and done. Followrio will start collecting medias posted under hashtag and who liked it automatically. desired users will be put it in the follow queue and be followed smoothly.

What is Smart Mode?

Instagram is so sensitive about automated activities. Followrio will adjust itself according to errors encountered during background activities in order to minimize the risk of getting into trouble for your account.

Is there any security risk using Followrio?

We DO NOT collect any sensitive data – like username or password – by any means. Everything happens on your local PC with your own IP address. Followrio only collects statistics and error logs in order to make Followrio better in the future.

Is it possible to get banned using Followrio?

We have hand picked the default options in order to minimize the risk. The options provided will help you adjust the speed of actions taken in the background. You have the choice to speed up the process but we DO NOT recommend it. Please keep in mind posting new content regularly (more than twice a day is recommended) extremely decreases the risk of getting banned.

When should I buy subscription?

By registering as Followrio user, you can use Followrio without any limitations for first 5 days. After this trial period, you have the option to buy subscription or continue using Followrio in limited mode. When you are in limited mode,only 50 follow per day and unfollow is allowed.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting our support team. You will get full refund within 7 days after your purchase.

How can I run followrio for multiple accounts?

In order to run Followrio for multiple accounts, you need using Google Chrome Portable which will let you run multiple instances of chrome simultaneously. Install the extension on each chrome portable, login to desired IG account and set up the extension as you need.
You can download google chrome portable here:

How can I contact you?

You can send us any questions or concerns using our contact form in home page. We will also respond to web store comments in timely manner. We guarantee answering your request within 4 hours.

How can I help Followrio?

We truly appreciate you leaving us a review in Google Web Store and rating us there.

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