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Instagram app for Windows 10

One way to use Instagram on a PC is its free social media app available on Microsoft store for windows 10. To use the Instagram app for Windows 10, first go to its download page on Microsoft store, click on the blue “Get the app” button and wait for the download to finish. The app will then install automatically.

Instagram app for Windows 10

Afterwards, you can access the app by navigating to start menu and clicking on the Instagram app on the recently added apps section.

On the subsequent window, you will be greeted by 3 options. If you don’t have an existing Instagram account you can use “Log in with Facebook” or “Sign up with phone or email” to create a new account. But if you already have an account you can click on the “Sign in” button in the lower part of the screen.

At this stage, you have to type in your account information and click on “Log in” to enter your profile.

Instagram app for Windows 10 is a magnified version of the mobile app

Instagram app for Windows 10 has an interface more akin to the mobile version when compared to its web-based counterpart, and most of its features are available to users in a limited capacity. In short, Instagram for windows is a magnified version of the mobile app.

Unfortunately; Instagram app on PC even with its own exclusive windows version has various limitations, and for a lot of users these limitations might be problematic. In this version, Instagram users cannot create new posts, and so if you want to create a new post on PC, you have to use various tricks and methods.

But an Instagram app for Windows has two features that its web-based counterpart lacks.  The ability to create stories and the ability to access direct messaging. Users can only watch Instagram stories via Instagram on the web, but Instagram for windows allows users to not only watch but also create new stories. Moreover; the existence of direct messaging in this version enables users to send messages to other users. This means just like the mobile app, features such as stories, archive posts, user search, discover people, post settings and the likes are also presented in the Instagram app for Windows 10.

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