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Top 7 Ways to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

Whether you like it or not, you should take “Story” seriously if you want to be seen on Instagram. At least 500 million stories are being sent in this social media on a daily basis, statistical information that cannot be ignored easily. But, hold up! We believe that not sending a story is way better than sending a bad one. Now, if you wonder how to send a “Good Story”, we must mention that the key feature of a good story is its attractiveness. In this article, using various examples, we want to show you that how using poll can lead to the creation of an attractive and highly engaging story.

How to Use Poll in Instagram Stories

Most of you probably know how to add a poll to an Instagram story; if so, ignore this part and jump right to the example section. To add a poll to a story, using the Sticker tab in the higher right part of the screen, choose Poll. Then add your question and the related choices. As a default setting, a Yes and a No choice is considered for your poll. Please note that there is no limit to the size of the textual content of the question; however, answers must not be more than 22 characters. To see the choices made by the users, you can drag the story upward. After 24 hours, stories will be out of reach. So, if you want to increase this time span, you can add it to the Stories Highlight section. It is better to send the result of the poll as a story when it is all done.

Some Innovative ways for Using Polls in Instagram Stories

  1. Start A Competition: Easily and just using question, you can truly make the users interact with you and your page.
  2. Do Market Studies: If you are providing a product or a service, Market Study or Market Analysis must be one of your constant actions. Using Instagram polls is an economical, effortless and dependable way to do so.
  3. Remind People To Do Good Deeds: There are many good deeds that we do not do simply due to our occupations and preoccupations; from reading a book to brushing our teeth! If you want your users to see you as a brand which accentuates the role of health in society, using this method is a great way. For instance, in an Instagram poll, ask “How many hours per week do you study?” This method not only leads you towards doing a market study, but it also helps you fulfill your social calling.
  4. Suggest People Too Visit Your Website: Simultaneous use of Poll and Instagram Swipe Up will have great functionality.
  5. Build A Brand: Using Instagram polls, you can also build a brand and introduce your latest products and services.
  6. Just Entertain!: sometimes it is better to purposelessly send an Instagram poll to entertain your followers.
  7. Let Your Followers Freely Choose: If you have a great idea for a poll, but its answer cannot be put in two choices, do not worry! In such cases, a slide poll is quite functional. 

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