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New Instagram Features: Donation stickers and In-app purchasing

On April 13th Instagram announced the upcoming addition of some new features to their social networking app. These features will make it easier and more enjoyable for people to connect with families and friends; and grow their businesses. Instagram also intends to revamp the app design. Even though donation stickers are only accessible in the USA. hopefully, they become accessible globally in the future so that everyone could use them to improve their influence on Instagram.

How to use Donation stickers

To use this new feature, open the camera, take a photo or upload one from your phone gallery, tap the sticker icon and select the donation sticker from the tray. Choose a nonprofit to support.

Once it’s life, swipe up on your story to view the total amount raised. All the money you raise on Instagram goes to the nonprofit you are supporting.

How to Add Link (Swipe Up) to Instagram Stories

New Instagram Features: Donation stickers

In the coming weeks, Instagram will also introduce a new camera design including Create Mode, which makes it easier for the user to share content that isn’t reliant on a photo or video. You can write what’s on your mind and put it out like a journal!

The new camera design and create mode will be released globally soon.

Great news for business accounts!

From now on you can shop directly on Instagram. Instead of asking entrepreneurs about their products, you can check product details and purchase them with a tap. This is a huge feature for businesses and will surely boost their profitability.

Instagram will test this shopping feature on a small group of brands. The list of selected brands is available on their website.

A great evolution for all businesses, publishers, charities and everyone is on the horizon which surely gives them the much-needed motivation to grow and progress. It seems that Instagram wants to simplify all our interactions in every activity on its platform.

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