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How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram?

You may need to unfollow your Instagram followings for many reasons. For instance; you might have used automatic follow bots for your business account or you want to clean up your Instagram page and then sell it. Anyway, if you decide to do that manually and one by one, you may have to spend more than some days on it and you may fall behind your daily schedule.

As mentioned above, unfollowing hundreds or even thousands of followings manually won’t be easy! That’s why you’d better start using apps that help making this job easier. Luckily there are some applications developed that are connected to Instagram via API and they provide useful features for users; such as mass unfollowing. Other than mass unfollow, you can use these apps for things such as deleting a group of posts or unliking posts.

Group unfollow using application

Two of the best apps for group operations are “Instant Cleaner” and “InstaCleaner” which are available for both android and iOS. These apps help you remove followers, followings, likes and posts on Instagram. You can also block a group of people using these apps. Working with them is pretty easy. All you need to do is to install the app and login using your account’s info. Then go to one of the Follower, Following, Likes or Posts Section according to your need and easily remove a group of them together. Since these apps are unofficial they might be removed from Google Play or Appstore or not be available for free sometimes. You can use other similar apps if you face this or find and download them from other websites.

Quick unfollow instagram following with Google Chrome plugins:
In addition to the apps we introduced above, there are some plugins for Google Chrome browser on web that you could use for mass unfollow. The plugins turn your PC into a bot that automatically does the follow/unfollow action for your Instagram account. Here are two of the best plugins available for this purpose.

Followrio Auto Instagram Unfollow Plugin

Fortunately there is no unfollow limit for this plugin, although following is limited and you can only follow 50 people a day. Therefore you can add this plugin to your browser with no worries and let it unfollow an account for you automatically every minute.

Auto Follower for Instagram plugin

The main difference between this plugin and Followrio is the pace. This plugin lets you unfollow one account per second but sadly it only allows a limited number of unfollows for free. And if you want to pass the limit, you have to pay.
However, you should be careful because Instagram has boundaries for different operations and if you do them very quickly your account might be blocked temporarily. These apps and plugins are included in the boundaries as well. So you must wait for a while after any mass operations. You can unfollow about 160 accounts per hour based on experience.

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