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Instagram Limitations Follow, Unfollow, Like, and Hashtag

Instagram is a world! A large world which give us everything, from business to funny videos; however, it has its own limitations! For instance, numbers of followings, numbers of unfollows, and even number of Liking, are not limitless on Instagram. So we should be careful! As a result, we decided to write a complete article, and discuss Instagram limitations (especially, following limitations in Instagram) in it. We discuss following issues in this article:

  • Following Limitation on Instagram
  • Liking Limitation on Instagram
  • Hashtag Limitation on Instagram
  • Limitation in Number of Characters in Comments & Captions on Instagram
  • Limitation in Number of Posts on Instagram

Following Limitation on Instagram
As you may probably have realized so far, number of people you can follow on Instagram is not limitless, and that Instagram stops this action after a certain number. Instagram’s reason to do such a thing (as Instagram, itself, mentioned) is avoiding spams. Now, how many people, you think, you can follow on Instagram? Can you guess? The true answer to this question is 7500 people. Yes! You can only follow 7500 people on Instagram, and if you go further, Instagram will send you a massage; and if you continue this way, Instagram may block you!

How to mass unfollow on instagram?

Of course, many of us would not follow this number of people on Instagram; but if you are one of those super active people on Instagram, it is better to remember this fact, and if the number of your following people and sites are near to this, you can check your following list again. There would probably be many people and pages which are not that much active or important. You can easily delete them so that you have enough room for more interesting and more useful accounts.

The number I mentioned above, is a general number i.e. it does not matter whether you followed these 7500 people within a year or within some years. Why do we say this? The reason is, besides this limitation, Instagram has another following limitation depending on hour and day. Let’s put it easier: according to Instagram’s most recent update, you cannot follow over 60 people or pages within an hour!

Instagram Auto Follow & Unfollow Extension

Of course, in the case of people who follow you (your followers), there is no limitation; and you will not face any kind of limitation if the number of your followers increase.

Liking Limitation on Instagram

Besides following limitations, Instagram has also put another limitation in number of liking; of course, this limitation is just according to hour time. Now, do you like to guess the maximum number of liking within an hour? If you do not (!), let me tell you: 350! You cannot like over 350 posts within an hour; and if you do, your account will be locked or blocked.

Of course, this number of liking within an hour is really high; and no one can reach this number unless a single account is used by more than one user or a kind of gadget, like a bot, is used to like posts automatically. Anyway, try to remember and control this limitation!

Hashtag Limitation on Instagram

Yes! Even hashtag (#) has also limitations on Instagram! Of course, to be honest, it is good news since you may also noticed that there are some people who use it too much and spoil it in a way! You can only use 30 hashtags in each post you share on Instagram!

Limitation in Number of Characters in Comments & Captions on Instagram
Instagram has also put some limitations in number of words and emoji – characters – you use in different parts. For instance, if you consider the phrase ‘January born’, it has 12 characters: 11 letters and 1 space. Yes! Any letter, emoji, space, hashtag, and actually anything in general you enter using a keyboard, is considered as a single character; and these characters have limitations.

  • Your user account name cannot be over 30 characters.
  • Your Bio cannot be over 150 characters.

And how about caption and comments? Do they also have limitations? Or we can write as much as we like? As you might guess, they also have limitations. Instagram has not put this limitation first; however, after a lot of long posts and comments have been shared, Instagram set a 2200-character limitation on its recent version i.e. you only have a 2200-character room for each caption and comment, and you cannot write using more than this amount.

Is there anything we do not know?
The information mentioned above is based on Instagram most recent update. It is possible that new limitations have been put or even deleted since then! If you get new information, please let us know

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