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A Thorough Introduction of Instagram Live & Its Uses

Instagram Live is the live video in Instagram; and it is available in “Story” section of Instagram. With the use of Instagram Live, you can lively be in touch with your followers as well as replying their comments simultaneously. Today, Live Story is considered as one of the simplest and the most enjoyable live video and audio apps.

This feature is very popular among Instagram users, especially among the celebrities. For instance, a celebrity can set a time in advance in order to talk to his/her followers and answer to their questions lively. Also, live story has a great capacity for marketing and advertisement.

In this article, we are trying to answer all your questions about Instagram Live and whatever you may need about it.

What Are the Uses of Instagram Live?
The way you use this app depends on your type of activity. For example, if you are a business owner, you can share a live video to introduce your new products in order to attract customers. Or you can make a live video of production’s backstage, and share it This will make a friendly communication with your audience.

What Is Instagram Live Replay?
You can active Instagram Live Replay so that those followers who missed the live program can watch its replay in a 24-hour-time after its sharing, and can see the live comments. You can also highlight your live videos, just like highlighting your stories, in order that those who missed the live video can find it in the “Highlight Stories” section.

In order to share Instagram Live Replay, touch the “share” option at the bottom of the page after finishing live video.

The number of visitors included both live and replay visitors.

What Is Instagram Top Live Videos?

It is the live videos which are playing right now for the public audience.
When you go to “Instagram Explorer” section, you can see “Top Live” on top of the page; by choosing this option, you can have access to live videos. By dragging the page to left and right, you can watch different live videos.

Instagram Live Story is now very hot and popular, especially among those users who enjoy a large number of followers on Instagram; consequently, it became a useful way of earning money on Instagram.

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Sharing Instagram Live is a method of video marketing, by the use of some creativity, you can make a fortune out of which.
Be very careful while sharing a live story because the audience is watching you lively and there is no room for making a mistake.
Also, if the live comment part is open (available) you should take the risk of receiving rude inappropriate comments since everyone can send you a live comment.

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